Last days for abstract submission - until June 9th, 2024


Abstracts may be submitted for any of the scientific areas identified here.

> Maximum number of abstracts per author: 3
> Languages allowed for submission and presentation of abstracts: Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish or English.
> Formatting is done automatically by the submission platform.
> Maximum number of words: 500 (excluding bibliography).
> It is mandatory to indicate 3-5 keywords.
> No names or educational institutions may be referenced in the body of the text.
> The review is "blind", so it is not necessary to include a curriculum vitae when submitting the abstract. Author information is not disclosed at any point during the review.
> Abstract submissions may be for research in progress as long as it is completed by the date of the conference.

Poster or Individual Oral Communication. The decision on presentation type results from the average rating given by the review team. You should check the type of presentation in your personal area of the website after the review process is completed, please.

For the presentation at the conference, either in Poster or Communication format, it will not be necessary to send the full article/paper.


Accepted abstracts may be presented as Poster or Individual Oral Communication, depending on the outcome of the evaluation. The type of presentation should be consulted in your personal area of the website, after the review process has been completed.

A scale of 0 to 20 will be used. The final score will be the average of the scores awarded by each reviewer.

> 0-8: Not approved
> 8-12: Approved for Poster
> 12-20: Approved for Oral Communication
Reviewers may or may not assign review notes to abstracts. If a note has been assigned to the abstract you have submitted, it will be available in your personal area, in the ABSTRACTS area.

There is no possibility of appeal after the communication of the review results, meaning that the results communicated by the review team will be final and not changeable.


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