Fátima Martins


Lecturer at the Superior Nursing School - Minho University, Portugal. 


Fátima Martins is graduated in Obstetric and Motherly Health Pharmacy since 1998, has a master’s degree in Sociology of Health since 2004 and took a PhD in Sociology in November of 2011. She is also expert in Pharmacy since June of 2014. In professional terms, she dedicate herself solely to teaching being a adjunct lecturer in Escola Superior de Enfermagem da Universidade do Minho since 2004. Her scientific and investigation interests are from the following areas: i) Pharmacy of the Women’s Health; ii) Sexual and Reproductive Health; iii) Sociology of Health; iv) Sociology of Family; v) Social and Health Marketing; vi) Literacy in Health. She is author of several scientific works presented in meetings and scientific congresses both national and international.

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