Isabel Maria da costa Martins e Silva Newton

Plastic Artist



Isabel Newton is a self-educated and multi-purpose plastic artist. She gives life to the Blue Bullet brand, with eclectic creations and an electric mix. Mostly focused on pieces of urban jewelery, she also introduces us canvas and trendy props for all "Glammed Up Rocker Chick's".

Inspired by popular culture of the twentieth century, she’s main sources of inspiration are music, which has been linked throughout life, travel and popular urban culture that refers us to vintage, glam, rock, disco, tattoo, b-movies , kitsch, etc.

The Blue Bullet pieces are a true elixir for women who want to make a difference and escape the gray tone that covers the day-to-day life of contemporary cities. They are described by Isabel Newton as:

"The blue bullets I shoot in all directions; are the bullets of imagination, fantasy, bizarre, love, hate, fear, freedom and lots of humor. They are small blue bullets that go to throats thirsty for color and taste. "

The warning to navigation is left: Only for restless girls!


Graphic Arts of Secondary Education Artistic Antonio Arroio

Formation of Acrylic Resin application

Cutting and Modeling Training

Formation in Window Dresser

Fashion production for artistic photo shoots

IEFP Entrepreneurship Training

Event organization

Head of Merchandising

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